Specialist Signs Ltd

Unit 35 -37, Culley Court, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, PE26XD

Company Reistration No: 08868983

Here at specialist signs we are interested in two things.......Creating a product which exceeds customer expectation and a service which delivers outstanding results.

​​We pride ourselves on service and customer satisfaction, it will always be of paramount importance to us!

Our highly trained and experienced team are always willing to help and advise with any and all aspects of signage design, maintenance and installation, be it Vinyl Wrapping, Branding, Roll Outs, Pull Ups, Banners, Lables...You Name it we make it.

Whether working to a schedule, design brief or production drawing, we will always aim to complete any necessary task, above and beyond the industry norm in order to meet requirements set by our customers.